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(x) Sans-serif used in Werkplaats / grotesque smörgåsbord w/ runic S - Otik by Karl Nawrot {Arne S}


Ive been looking for this font for some time with no luck. It has some features of Avant Garde Gothic Condensed but some characters are obviously different. Works I found are by Werkplaats students exclusively, so it may actually be an unreleased font... Please help! Thanks


Have you tried contacting one of the Werkplaats students involved?
This is most likely custom. And there’s more than 1 style: ‘Deutschland im Herbst’ started out as Helvetica. The ‘M’ in ‘Dramlet’ looks DIN-ish. The ‘C’ is closer to Neuzeit Grotesk than Avant Garde Gothic. It’s a complete smörgåsbord.

I'm digging the Freemasonic As.

The font is designed by Karl Nawrot. Check out the following links:

hmm Ive been trying to get hold of a variation of otik used in this poster


I emailed the designer, felix weigand, but had no reply.

any suggestions?! have also emailed karl Nawrot to confirm the name of the font but I dont know if it is too much to ask if I can buy/download the font directly from him? feels like it might be overstepping the mark a bit!

pavels and florian-maybe the werkplatz students/alumni only circulate the font between themselves? Nawrot has designed a few typefaces that I would love to get my hands on but get the feeling he only shares with his peers!


Evolette is very different but somehow similar to Otik, may be an easy-to-reach alternative...