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I'm working on a logo for a new political party.

The idea is a lighthouse, thematically shedding light on corruption and graft; acting as a navigation point in these stormy times; and, geographically correct for the Ocean State.

Functionally, the logo must be simple. It will be printed in all sizes (to an absurd degree, billboards to ballots) on all grades of paper and both in color and monochrome.

I chose Whitman as the font and then constructed the light house out of pieces of the font. I think it's close to working.

The big issue for me is that they really want the light/beacon to be seen, which is tricky when working in monochrome. Working in two or more color is far easier.

Thoughts? Suggestions? criticisms?

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I'm seeing a prison tower.

Also seems pretty old school...not in a "carrying history" way though.

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LOL, I see a prison tower, too. It's probably not the image a politician wants to project!?

It's very conservative and flat; almost clip-arty. It reminds me of an old-school library logo for some reason. If it's a new political party, I think it needs to be fresh and modern, not old-school. Right now it has no quality of breaking free of the current political parties. Isn't breaking free with new ideas the whole point of a new party? The logo should reflect that, IMO. Unfortunately, a lighthouse is about as cliche as you can get.

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