(x) Possible Adobe Garamond Pro and Futura / 'Trinity Community Ministries': Garalde w/ sc, bold grot - Minion, Futura {Mark S}

Hey guys, making an old logo vector. Was just hoping for a little verification on weights and possibly even fonts if I'm off.

Trinity Community appears to be Adobe Garamond Pro with small caps. I'm not positive on the weight though. Nothing seems to be right on and I'm assuming that's just because I haven't begun the squashing process as it looks like both fonts have been squashed flat.

I believe Ministries is just Futura extra bold with the same squashing as Trinity which is why letters may be a bit off.

Any other ideas out there?


"Trinity Community" appears to be Minion. I would agree that the other part is Futura.

Thank you Mark. I had tried out Minion and for some reason had been drawn back to Garamond. I was able to use Minion and with the right sqooshing it's right on point. So, thanks again!

It makes me sad that I have to sqoosh these fonts. A little piece of me is dying on this project.

Don't stretch it then. Take the opportunity to improve things.