(x) what do you call the words like "and" , "or"?

I think it was just posted a week or so ago, but I can't remember
what those words are called or what foundries sell them as a font.
Thru words or something like that?


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"Conjunctions"? Specifically "coordinating conjunctions."

Thank you!

truth-functions, truth-functional connectives, logical operators?

This is not Grammarophile, folks! ;-)

This is not Grammarophile, folks! ;-)

The term "grammar" apparently derives from a Greek term meaning "art of letters," whereas "type" comes from Greek impression or cast. Maybe "Grammarphile" would be a better name for this place, since so much talk of non-cast letters going on here : )

This thread, though, definitely belongs at in some kind of philology website. But would that be called "philogyphile", "logyphile", or simple "philology"?--since "Philology" itself means "love of words."

Interesting, Eric!

carriedrazin, are you sure you don't mean stereotype?


Aluminium, great!