Sweppes typographic TV titles

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Does anyone remember those beautiful Sweppes adverts running about 12 months ago in the UK. The brand sponsored 'Films on Four' if I remember rightly and they appeared on the ad break during the film.

They were yellow and white type over images and they were done brilliantly.

If anyone knows who did them or where I could find them online I would be most greatful.


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Do you mean Schweppes?

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I do yes.

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Many of us are out of UK, so we won't remember. Can you see if they are on YouTube or somewhere. Then we will be better able to help you ID them.

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Aw common Dan, don't lie to Marc, absolutely everyone on Typophile lives in the UK. Shame on you for pulling his leg.

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It's the actual titles not the fonts I'm looking for. I know not everyone on here is UK based, it was a question for those who had seen it here.

Terminal Design, you've dispelled the common myth that Americans don't get sarcasm for me. Unless you're an Englishman in New York!

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(Why do people keep seeing an A in my first name? Some kind of deficiency in the text font?)

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