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Informal serif with triangular dot - Kids

Hi folks,
I got this sample today, and have had no luck pinning it down. Does anyone recognize the style?

- Mike


Does anyone recognize the style?

Yes. From this thread. ;-)

Huh. It looks like the person who sent it to me also posted here.

Florian, I leave it to you how to handle this.

- Mike Yanega

You were way ahead of me. ;-)

- Mike

Only seconds …
I’ll keep this thread, because the sample has been adjusted to a reasonable size – thanks. Will delete the other one.


Any ideas where to look for this?

- Mike


One more try. Any ideas? This sure seems like it would be a font, and it looks professional. It just doesn't seem to be in any category I can use to describe it on MyFonts. (And WTF was no help at all).

- Mike

It has a Fontdiner feel, hasn't it?
I checked all of dinkTYPE to no avail.
I found this:
that may or may not feel similar.