(x) Serif - Related to Americana Font Family? / like a handtooled Scenario ExtraBold - Atlantic Inline Normal {self (Antonio F)}

Thanks in advance.


Ciao Antonio,

also looks like a hand-tooled version of Phil Martin’s Scenario.

Right on, Florian. I'd mark that solved, as a customization of Scenario.

- Mike Yanega

Florian, Mike: thanks for your help.

Scenario is very similar but its serifs are soft-rounded while the font I'm looking for has straight serifs – although my attachment doesn't show it clearly. It seems to me unlikely that they customized even the serifs. I'm starting to think it may be a knock-off.

Anyway, thanks again.

Who knows: Maybe it’s the other way round, and Scenario is based on some historic sample?

Well, I've just been told it's a knockoff called Atlantic Inline Normal.

Thanks for sharing your finding.