(x) "The Other Person deleted our fonts..." - Help on Century Gothic-esque face - Futura Medium {Jan}

Hi everyone,

I am turning to you all as my typophile saviors on this one. A former employee created an address sign's artwork (for our studio). As the years have gone by, files were lost, fonts deleted. Time has come to remake it.

Any thoughts on what this might be? The "1" is similar to Century Gothic Bold, but the 2 differs to some degree.

ANY help would be great!!!



Stroked Futura Medium?

Well, I reckon it would take 10 minutes to trace.

True Kristians.

Jan- good thought, will look into. No longer have it here...

I'm not sure of the typeface.

But I did wonder: is your studio divided in half horizontally (for short people, like Monsieur Jarry), or vertically (for tall people)?


I was hoping the "A former employee created an address sign's artwork" might clear me of any wrong doing here.