FONT ID: Serif used in the Republique Francaise logo

I've been trying to find the typefaces used in this logo, Arno is the closest I've got but it's just not quite there.


Probably a Garamond, and Adobe Garamond Premier seems very close, at least for the caps.

The italic is another story. That doesn't look like any Garamond, so I think they mixed fonts.

- Mike Yanega

Ah yes, Adobe Garamond Premier is pretty damn close.
I'd tried another version of Garamond that wasn't close as that one. Cheers!

The italic is a tricky one, it's stumped me.

I have often complained about italics as being especially hard to ID because most sites show the Roman face until you burrow down into each family. I think FontShop is one exception that shows all faces that meet the search condition.

This is one time when a book is better than most web sites. I thought about having a Serif & Sans Italics Guide, but I don't think I can handle another Guide right now.

- Mike

hello, i was looking for the same thing then found your post at first and the font in a second time. So… if it could be usefull to anyone arriving here with the same goal, the font is "Carré Noir" and you can find it here (linotype) :