elegant sans / 'The Salon': Ultra-thin sans with contrast - various suggestions {gang}

Anyone know what this typeface is? Im looking for an elegant sans seri with a high stroke contrast like this one. Any suggestions?


We have had similar samples before - this seems to be a popular topic. Someone may have a list of 'elegant contrasty sans' faces. I cannot recall the specific font names, but a Google search might locate the threads.

I also recall once suggesting that some samples might have been high contrast serif faces with the serifs removed.

- Mike Yanega

A few to start maybe:

Trio CT

Fantastic job, Florian! :-)
Two possible additions:
a little less contrast
a little quirkier

Good ones, thanks!

Finura by Santos is related, in a very nice way.

But is it a sans? ;-)

No, but it does have a similar feel to it.

Related, Florida in use: http://typophile.com/node/120614

Also, in the meantime Noir has been released as Vinter: https://monokrom.no/fonts/vinter