Topophiles: Swiss maps serif font

I like the letter g very much, but what is it?


Interesting. That kind of "ear" usually appears in "more than bold" Bodonis.

Cześć Jan,
this is one of those special typefaces for cartography. They used to have pretty generic names, like ‘Kartenschrift’ [map type]. Hard to find samples.
Your best option might be Römisch Stehend. Karten-Augustea is also very close, but it seems to be unavailable.

By the way, you might enjoy this g aswell.

Hallo Florian!
Thank you very much.
I found this thread helpfull:
Berthold's Karten-Augustea could be here
Also Uli tips off forgery of Karten-Augustea, so the font was digitised (by Berthold?).

This hand-made "Ausgang." is beautifull!

Jan Żurawski

Solved. Though I think the font employed in Bundesamt fur Landestopographie 3084 Wabern looks a bit different than Karten-Augustea. We need to look at Berthold's fotosatz specimen. Is there anybody here?

Regards - Jan Żurawski

I made some letters:

Any comments welcomed.

Jan Żurawski

So you are planning to do a digital interpretation? You will get better/more feedback on the Critique Board

IF it is worth doing interpretation...
and IF there is no legal issues.

Now that's funny - those numerals are from Perrin!
What are they doing there?


I am just searching proper style to match letters...

first row: recreated numerals (italic, no reg version printed)
s-nd row: Bodoni-like
t-rd row: Didot-like
Bodoni-like with some mods is promising, I think.
Please tell me what do you think?