Cook Off Poster, Typography, and Ideation Help


I want to do something to give back to my hometown, so i've come up with an idea for a pasty cook off. This would be an interface to strengthen and further bond Marquette, Michigan. Through pasties I hope to strengthen, facilitate and connect the community, as well as stimulate the local businesses.

The National Pasty Cookoff
2010 Marquette, Michigan

I want to make a website and a poster series to begin the promotional process.

I am breaking a few "type rules" using too many typefaces, but I want this to have a retro/vintage feel.
Any feedback about typography or ideation for the event itself would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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i think cookoff should be bigger

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I would try to make the rosette more 3D.

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UP Pasties! Haven't those in years.

I like where these are going. I agree with both etahchen and riccard0...the 'cook off' seems subdued compared to the rest of the poster. I think it needs to be emphasized more.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I've tried what you guys are saying..
I could even go into Cinema 4D for the rosette.. If you think it would be necessary.

What do you think?

I couldn't get them to upload to this post, so I've just added the images to the original post.

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With "more 3D" I meant mainly in order to link it more with the 3D effect of the PASTY shadowed text.

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Sweet! Love the UP! Maybe use numerals for the year as opposed to writing it out. That is if the year is supposed to be somewhat useful to know/read. Other then that (and yes, make Pasty Cook-off more pronounced) I like the feel of these.

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