MetaPhile: Greasemonkey script to hide troll threads & posts

(Mods: Wasn't sure where to put this thread, plz move if it's in the wrong forum)

Hi gals & guys,

I made a little Greasemonkey script to hide trolls on this here forum :)

The script & installation instructions are to be found:

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Wow; our very own censor!

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I used this script to hide posts from sl8r and as this post is hidden I have no idea how to turn it off. :-)

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I love the name of your script. Sounds like a metal band's name. Rock and Roll!

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Tomi: *I'm* not your censor. You are your own censor :)

Dan :)

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This should be in the MetaPhile forum and is a technique I had previously suggested.

You understand it can be used against you, sl8r?

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joeclark: Of course. I'm not too bothered with ppl blocking my posts. There's not much of mine to block anyway, I'm a lurker here. But I saw trollish/boring/tedious behavior by certain individuals, hence the GM script.

I will move the thread to the appropriate sub-forum.

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How are we going to define "trollish/boring/tedious" behaviour?

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"We" -- no, its your own responsibility to edit the script to hide stuff of people you don't want to read. And that customized script with your very own list of trolls runs on your very own computer *only*.

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Palatine: Exactly what Theunis de Jong said. It's your list to add to and subtract people from, and they will be hidden only on YOUR computer with the script installed. That, and nobody will know who you have in your list.

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just for those who might not have thought it through...

if you use this script to vanish posts from someone,
and they figure out that you are not reading them
(because, for example, you make yourself look silly
by saying things they'd already shown to be stupid),
they will be able to say lots of things that show you
to be stupid and you won't have the slightest idea...

i'm just sayin'...

as the saying goes,
keep your friends close...
and your enemies even closer...


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Ah, thanks for the clarification!


Prescient as always. ;)

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Indeed, ignoring people you dislike is unwise.


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Ignoring people one dislikes, and also ignoring Hrant, is one’s right and can quite materially improve one’s life.

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It's a right, but it's also a weakness.
Life is not a cocktail party.


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hrant = *gold star*

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