(x) Nosotros logo font - Neutraface No. 2 Titling {Felix B, Mike Y}


Can anybody know what font is this, as shown from(http://www.nosotroshq.com/). I thought at first it was like in the font in nivea.com but it's not.

Also, it's not metro black.


Hi. I think it's [[http://www.houseind.com/fonts/neutraface|NEUTRAFACE TITLING]]

Looks like Kabel to me

but it is not, sorry

Here is Neutraface No2 Text Bold.

- Mike Yanega

The Display Titling for Neutraface No2 is even bolder, and more like your sample. Maybe this is what FixB meant?

- Mike Yanega

The ‘S’ in the logo isn’t Neutraface at all.
Except for the ‘N’ this looks a lot like Gotham.
But it isn’t exactly.

The one in the No. 2 Titling face is much closer than the sample I posted above.

- Mike

Yer, Mike. I think you’re right.