san serif pseudo-kid print font id

Thought I remembered this font, but can't! **Sigh** Thanks for your help!


An attachment or link will be useful. ; )

Weird. I guess it dropped. Thanks for the heads-up. Here 'tis! Libby

I'm having a hard time finding a category with anything like this style. I have checked MyFonts, Identifont, and Dafont, looking for any close styles. There have not been many, which surprised me. One font called Imperfect from T-26 was promising as a potential source of key words or similar fonts, but the results were not close. I also checked the Distressed/Strange Script fonts in my Guide, but not much was similar besides Farmhaus.

If I were trying to describe it I would say "irregular sans", but searches along these lines were not helpful.

It seems likely to be a freebie, but I don't know where to look.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks, Mike. I appreciate your efforts a lot! Onward, I shall search. Libby

Maybe something from a scrapbooking site?