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The Venetian Palazzo Logo

Hello could anyone hep me id this type that is used for the Venetian Palazzo logo?
thanks for your help and input.
You can see it posted here:
Its the venetian palazzo logo.


There's good news and bad news. First, the bad news: These letters are not very distinctive ones for the purpose of an ID. The G is almost the only clue, if you assume LAS VEGAS is in the same font. The good news is that it would almost be hard to tell if you didn't pick the right font from any of a list that would be similar for these letters.

Based on the G, here are five candidates: Calibri, Corbel, Frutiger, FF Plus and Stag Sans.

I started making test drives of VENETIAN/PALAZZO to see if any of these drop out, and the first two seem potential still. I just don't think this shows enough to rule out much, unless the I has serifs.

- Mike Yanega

What about Myriad?