Silverback (First font)

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I've been lurking around Typophile for quite sometime, but never really posted anything. So, here is my first (complete) attempt at a full set of characters. I'd like to hear if anyone thinks this thing has legs, or if it's a lost cause. I know it's got some problems, but that's why I'm here.

Now for your critiquing eyes, Silverback…

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I see an old banknote & billhead influence, but also a touch of mid-20th Century chrome scripts. Rather than trying to make a complete font, I'd use this for one-off custom lettering or a logo.

I think your W should be symmetrical like your V, and the tail on the Q could be a lot less heavy. The S & Z don't quite work for me, but reversing the Z might make a slightly better S. The J might work better with the bottom serif being on the left side too.

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Maybe the G's "beard" is a little too heavy too.

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Thanks for the suggestions and sorry for the delay. I've made some changes to the characters and working on a set of numerals. (I know the 2 and Z can be confused, but I'm working on solving that.)

Justin:: The letters started from a sketch I did about a year ago and at the time I was looking at a lot of stock certificates and old financial documents. While I wasn't consciously doing it, the influence must have crept in there. But your comment now gives me a source to mine for the problems I cross. Thank you.

• I've changed the W per suggestions and dug it.
• I flipped the Z design to make the new S and it looks better. The old S was too round.
• I was experimenting with the J design. It does look better with the serif on the other side.
• Made a new tail for the Q. I think it has the right weight and really makes the character unique to the font.

riccard0:: After careful consideration and experimenting, I didn't change the "beard" on the G. The alternatives didn't carry the same strength and weight I wanted to keep.

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