Please ID or recommend alternative

Would someone please tell me the typefaces used on these two book covers or recommend something similar.

thanks ever so much.


Would someone please id these two typefaces or recommend alternatives.


The Cormack McCarthy book looks like honest-to-goodness woodtype blocks, probably flipped horizontally after photography. It's a whole bunch of different faces.

The Michael Winter book looks like a font since the distress on all repeated letters is the same. It looks like there might be two different 'E's; one thick, one thin; so it might be OpenType enabled or even have uppercase letters in the lowercase set.

- Lex

Poplar, HFJ Knockout & HFJ Knockout are all good woodblock type fonts, but the above is obviously (hand made?) of several different typefaces, so you'll just have to experiment.
There are a lot of these typefaces out there, here are some.

In addition to the above, you could recreate the McCarthy book with the myriad weights of Giza.