Photocopiable supermarket commercial inventory typeface


I'm looking for a text typeface which has two features. It should be something in the commercial supermarket 50's mood (the typeface I'm using for titles is Cooper Black). Second feature, it should be photocopiable, because final work is in photocopy.

I know it's quite hard to find a typeface with this two characteristic – especially because the supermarket 50's mood is not connected to fax and photocopy.

Maybe the solution is something inventory-like.

Any suggestion?

Thanks to all typophiles!

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Souvenir is very Fifties. Although reworked by Ed Benguiat 1970.

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Most supermarket ads in the 1950s (and, actually, well into the 1970s) were hand-lettered...

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Souvenir is very Fifties.

Souvenir (1914) was a flop and was all but forgotten by the Fifties. It didn't show up again until it was revived by Photo-Lettering in the late Sixties, and then in a bigger way (more weights and italics added) by ITC in 1970.

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Thanks to everybody!

I'll try some copies with Melior, it's a nice one! Also, I found a great list of 50's typeface by Mark in another post on typophiles. Century schoolbook should be great but I'm afraid with photocopies.

this is the link with the advertising topic.

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I think Century Schoolbook is sturdy enough to endure photocopying.

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In the end I made some tries, photocopies don't make great damages at 9pt, even if I use Baskerville for example.

I chose Century 731 by Bitstream, it's a bit heavier and black, and it's quite present on the page.

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