Help with type choices for website / company redesign

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Help with type choices for website / company redesign

Hello all :)

I've been lurking in these forums for the past few years, so many good resources.

The time has come where I think I need some opinions! I'm currently working on a logo / website redesign for a company much in need of it (their website design hasn't been updated in 15 years, Yes I'm serious). They sell art supplies, specifically fiber art supplies (think Tie-Dye, batik, etc). I'm looking for a font that I can use that isn't sterile, or too corporate—but that can still be taken seriously. Most likely a sans (but doesn't have to be). Something that will appeal to wholesalers buying large amount of fabric for costume design, and to the home crafter. The company is a cross between a Michael's Craft Supply and a Cost Plus. The company is quirky and silly at times, another playful font choice would be nice as well.

Thank you all so much for your input!

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You could play with the various incarnations of Museo: