Problems with image upload's picture

I apologize for the previous posts. Something went wrong with uploading the image.

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No problem – deleted.

Need help? How to post a sample or image
In particular, make sure that:

  • the file name does not contain spaces (or any other ø∂∂ ¢håræct€rs)
  • you have the right Flash plugin installed with your browser's picture

Just updated Flash a few hours ago. The problem is that when I click on preview, I can see the post, including the image, but after I click save, the only thing that shows up is the text whithout the attachement. I will try again.

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Weird. I will keep this thread because of the bug description you gave, for future reference.
What setup are you using (browser etc.)?

Continued here.

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I think someone already mentioned this. It seems that, in order to have the image displayed, one must "save" without previewing.

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I can’t replicate the described behaviour. With or without preview before save, the image gets properly embedded.
Safari 4 on Mac 10.5.8, Flash plugin 10.0

I’ll move this thread to the Bug Reports forum.

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