iPhone App's pertaining to Type?

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I've found The Font Game, Typewar, Kern, Typograffit (an odd one). There appears to be lots of games but nothing of utility. Font Wizard perked my interest, but there are no ratings. Recommendations for a mobile fix for the type addiction?

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The Typography Manual is essential! Also, Whatthefont lets you take pictures of type and identify it on the go, and Fontshuffle is quite interesting as well.

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your title made me think of a app that I should develop: typography peeves
it would teach when it's appropriate (and not) to use common typographic symbols such as the apostrophe :^p

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There's also one called TypeDrawing and FontShop's FontShuffle.

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I had to chuckle Paul D Hunt. Thank's.


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@Mark Simonson
Thanks for the recommendations! typeDrawing is swell!

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One of my favorite comments about the Font Game goes like this: "the Font Game has redefined the term niche product".

Whatthefont is the only app, that I know of, that elegantly solves a difficult problem. I've heard salesmen going on and on about how painful it is to deal with clients who don't know which font their logo is set in. They don't have to wait days to hear back from the design department anymore, and the designers don't have to waste time tracking down an obscure font.

But this can't be the only problem that needs solving, right? Most iPhone and web developers aren't typographers. We like to solve problems, difficult ones, so let us know what they are and we'll build an app for that.

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Great comment Kari. :) You are adding value to this community!

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