Alpha Blox

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In the library I just came across some old ATF material that showed "Alpha-Blox."
These were modular shapes out of which you could build letters etc. A forerunner of Fontstruct, in a way.
A web search found this:
Has anyone ever played with these?

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I'd actually planned to post this today, but was having trouble uploading the images. Micah Currier at The Dale Guild Type Foundry cast these for The Cooper Union. They are a heck of a lot of fun. They are essentially letter fragments, but you can also use them to draw images. We fonted a few extra sets to sell. You should see the zombie prints the Yee Haw guys have done with them!

Our promo print linked above is by Yee Haw alumnus Brian C. Baker.

The Arm Letterpress/The Cooper Union/The Dale Guild Type Foundry
Brooklyn, NY

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I love that reversing hatchlines set.

Strange coincidence that I would run across those (in an old set of large educational cards ATF made (50s?)) in the library on the very day you posted pics of yours on Flickr!

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Hello Craig,
Yes, that is rather strange! I'm really glad that some people are as excited about them as we are.


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