(x) Bi-linear Typefaces / like M in Marathon - various suggestions {Jan}

I'm looking for a typeface like this one. Everyone has seen these "bi-linear" retro fonts or whatever you call them.

I'm looking for a professionally done typeface like this. One similar in shape to lets say an Avenir or Futura, but with the line through it obviously.

Any help?


Welp, that doesn't help much since it's links to books published in the 70's. But yes, those types of fonts. In particular the "Double Vision" example.

I need a link to a site that has the typeface to download.

links to books published in the 70's

Jan, sometimes you can lead a horse to water... :-)

Yea, some of them tell you where to find them, others link you to a list of reference books (some of which published in the 70's and 80's)

dezcom, could you be of help?

Go to T-26 site, Chip

At the bottom of each sample, there is a source mentioned like "Emigre" or T-26. They are type foundries. The ones with book only references are non-digitized fonts for reference.

Jan pointed to Mike Yanega's very fine type reference which is great at helping you find obscure fonts. Mike is so thorough that he includes pre-digital typefaces. Mike does this as a public service and he is a very nice guy. If you have problems with his sight, click his link and give suggestions.