What is the best version of Matthew Carter's Miller?

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There's Carter&Cone (I'll assume it's this one!), but there's also Font Bureau, etc.

Or are they all the same?

All I hear about it are good things and I think it's time I start experimenting with it.

Maybe I should be looking at Monticello instead? ;)

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Font Bureau sells "Carter & Cone" Miller. I believe FB has augmented the number of sizes/weights of Miller with the work of other designers, but what Carter drew up is available. According to Cherie Cone, Carter & Cone get the same amount of money whether they sell you the font, or FB does.I got my fonts from Matthew Carter only because I wanted some special characters.

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Both Miller and Monticello are very good fonts, but you'll probably find more uses for Miller if you can only afford one family.


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Many thanks, Charles.

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