(x) Font ID for Alexander McQueen Logo (Serif All Caps)? - Baskerville {Jan}

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The ‘Q’ says Baskerville.

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Needed for an obituary of some kind?

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I was curious whether the lc "c" was of the same face as the uc text.

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Yup. I’d say so. It’s all some Baskerville (one of the many).

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What's your "go to "Baskerville? Which version has the most personality or is the most contemporary in your opinions?

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See the wiki: Baskerville
Furthermore, FontShop’s Baskerville Genre FontList.
It depends on the application, of course: Fry's Baskerville is great for display, but the high contrast makes it unusable for text.
Storm and Fountain both have interesting and fresh renditions – the former being way more versatile than the latter.

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You could also give Bulmer a shot. It has a display cut.

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Also check for kerning. Some foundries have lousy metrics.

If you deal with European customers frequently and elect to purchase an OpenType font, check the effectiveness of the Context Sensitive Layout functions with a text sequence such as this:

‹abc› ‹ABC›
«abc» «ABC»
¡abc! ¡ABC!
¿abc? ¿ABC?


[abc] [ABC] {abc} {ABC} (abc) (ABC)
a-b–c—d A-B–C—D

Don’t settle for a font that does not have small caps either. You might not use it this job, but it will come in handy for the next.

Mikey :-)

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