The History of Mr Polly


I'm doing book covers for a school project that's part of the D&AD. We have five titles to choose from and this my first version for 'The History of Mr Polly'. No back or spine designed yet, will post more tomorrow.

This is supposed to show that Mr Polly is blind because he doesn't know what he want with his life and the fire symbolizes when he sets fire to his own shop so that he can escape from his miserable life.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

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Nice poster, a little scary some of them :)

These are the three finished book covers. We already had our final crit, tutor liked them except for the fact that I used some stock images, which didn't go over so well. Apparently we are supposed to stick to all originial work as much as possible. It's not forbidden to use stock images but I prob should've photographed things like the blindfol and the suit myself. Dosen't really matter anyway, I'll prob do the two other covers for Kipps and Tono Bungay in the same style and add everything to my portfolio because it looks very nice :)

Still if anyone has any feedback feel free to share because I will work on these some more so I can add them to my portfolio.


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