What magazine has the best grid architecture?

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I am interested in hearing your thoughts on who uses the grid the smartest and most interestingly. Is it a 6,7 or 12 column grid any extra info would be great. Some of the best I can think of are, Esquire, GQ, popular mechanics, GOOD, Monocle and Plastique.

Here are some samples from Anthem magazine's recent redesign

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If there was a best layout, then you'd see a lot more designers out of business. :)

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XO, I am more interested in the grid, than the layouts. I find it interesting to dissect the foundation of the magazine, as it shows the designers true craftsmanship.

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Koop, I am aware of that, however, the way you worded it was a bit too close-ended. It seems you fixed it though.

It's amazing how something as simple as a well-thought-out grid can be used to arrange an assortment of objects to have visual flow.

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If you like this mag, you should see Carl*s Cars.

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Carl*s Cars seems like a interesting magazine, thanks,

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Another magazine that does a great job is oddly enough Field & Stream. I don't have any examples of thier grid but here are some images, from a past issue after the re-design.

Art Director Neil Jamieson talks about the process as well.


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