Lonely Hearts Tabloid Design - To Make Museums Sexy! Please Help!

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Lonely Hearts Tabloid Design - To Make Museums Sexy! Please Help!

Hey everyone, I hope some can help me...

I am looking into a way of presenting my idea for a brief 'Make Museums Sexy, use any appropriate media'....

To give you a brief outline:
We have had many crits on this brief and after going back and forth and concluding that the answer is to turn the stereotype of museums of being dull places into more attractive and appealing places using sexy type/imagery etc. but not in a direct sex context.

So we have chosen to do this in the form of a lonely hearts newspaper advert / page, taking all the historical/scientific/artistic elements of knowledge found in museums of all kinds and advertising these as if they have personalities trying to find their match through the lonely hearts ad - knowledge is sexy - meeting of minds...

So I am wondering if any of you have any ideas to make the typography/layout authentic as well as achieve my sex appeal? Is there any typefaces that fit the bill best in your opinion? Is there any methods of presenting I should consider? Is there any good samples of well designed lonely hearts ads to refer to?!
We are thinking some subtle red colours will combine well with the black typography maybe, so creating a sense of romance?
Once the design is complete the page will be printed on tabloid paper and shot in a certain setting to give this the desired feel, so maybe a red light shinning onto the paper surrounded by candles?...

I hope you get an idea of what is we are trying to achieve and can help in anyway possible!

Thank you

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