(x) ID: Alice font - Brothers {Nina}

I'm looking for a font similar to the the font used for 'Alice' on this t-shirt. It doesn't have to be the same but suggestions of fonts with a similar style would be great.

Thank you in advance.



At least the "LICE" looks like Brothers Bold to me (I'd presume the treatment being custom).
The "IN" btw is also from Brothers (Word Logos).

Brothers. Also I hate to suggest free fonts but # 6 looks pretty good. [link removed by moderator, see note below]

Hi Tyler,
no offense, but these ‘free fonts’ look like rip-offs of (rather) well-known commercial typefaces to me.
Furthermore, that ‘#6’ isn’t similar to Brothers at all. For the record: it is Aldo Novarese’s Estro.

Thank you for the help altaira.

I know this wasn't the question, but the Wonderland script is P22 Declaration, in case anyone wondered about that.

Another font somewhat similar to the customized Brother, which I agree is the right answer, is ITC Abaton, which already has the lines on the letters.

- Mike Yanega

Emily, you're welcome.

Mike: Thanks, I was wondering! I suspected it was from P22, but didn't know the exact font.

I was not suggesting that #6 was similar to brothers at all but their treatment is similar to the treatment of the brothers typeface here. But thanks though.