(x) logo slab-serif - Hellenic Wide aka Lonestar {Florian}

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unbelievably fast! thanks!

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MCM Hellenic Wide.

Bumping this thread with an addition to the useful list.

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Bumping with a slightly different question: out of all these alternatives, which is best? Is it worth paying $49 on Veer for Hellenic Wide, or will Lonestar do the job just as well for only $25?

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It depends on the job at hands, of course. At which size it will be printed, and how. And for how many different jobs it likely will be used. For example, Lonestar has a more extensive glyph coverage than Hellenic Wide.

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The "Hellenic Wide" tag at MyFonts now lists 13 results.
A similar design is Lost Type's Deming: http://www.losttype.com/font/?name=deming

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Adding one for the archives: Silverfake by Alexey Frolov.

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