(x) CTV Olympics Typefaces - Stainless {self (Pete B)}

Was curious to see if anybody knew the names of these typefaces being used for the CTV Olympics website. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


No image.

Thought it was saved before. Try again.

Managed to figure out one of the faces. Sentico Sans DT from DTP Types is the typeface for the CrossCountry.png image file. Just need help with the MorningNewsletter typeface.

I solved my own font caper. It's neither Sentico Sans DT nor Klavika. It is in fact Font Bureau's "Stainless." Does it count when you solve your own Type ID post?... LOL!

Hi Pete,
yes, it sure is Stainless. Well done! Of course that counts. +100 points, you’re promoted to the next level. :-)