Mailing List Discount Offer From Greater Albion

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Join our Mailing list by March 20th, and in addition to our offer of a free typeface-Crewekerne Regular or Adantine Regular, you’ll receive a discount code allowing you to purchase any (or all!) of our Sabio family from at a 50% discount.

Existing mailing list members will shortly receive this discount code by e-mail.

To join our maing list, e-mail, quoting “Join Mailing List” in the subject line. Remember to tell us whether you would prefer to receive Adantine or Crewekerne as your complimentary typeface on joining.

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In addition to further details on our special offers, Greater Albion has just published previews of two forthcoming releases, the Deva Family and Crucis Ornaments here on our blog.

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I think you should sack your spacing and kerning quality controller.

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Nick, this is the Release forum, not Critique.

Paul, this is the Release forum, not the Special Offer or Preview forum. Please just show your new faces in a discreet manner (preferably without gradients and drop shadows) with a licensing link for those who are interested.

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