(x) Which font? i love this g! - FF Meta {Igor F}

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Which font is used for Designpreis Deutschland title? lowercase letter "g" is something i'm looking for a while!

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thanks dude

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Here's Meta and find "Meta Normal" and "Meta Bold"
[link removed by moderator, see note below]

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linking to illegal download sites is not tolerated on Typophile. Don’t post links to pirated fonts.
Erik Spiekermann’s Meta is a commercial font, you need to license it in order to use it. Learn about the value of type.

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Florian, I would like to talk with you in private. I'm going to send an e-mail to you, so I would like to make an interesting and polemic quetsion.

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Florian, I've just sent you. Please read my message. Thank you!

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