Eques - a caps-only, high-contrast, display sans serif (update 6)

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Hi typophiles.

lately I stumbled across a very cool 'R' on a truck which inspired me to some sketches. I think it would be great for fashion magazines or music booklets.

Please let me know what you think and if it's too close to something existing I din't think of yet (I know there are some connections to Avant Garde but I think it wouldn't be too close).

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Nice! Maybe it needs some more drawing to make it less mechanical.

Never mind if it is close to something already existing. Univers probably wouldn't have been designed if Adrian Frutiger thought it looked too much like Helvetica... But then again...

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Good concept. Things like E, F, K are the big strength.

What you need to do is round out your curves. S, O, Q are good; you should want to make the other curved letters remind you of them. U should not be flat on the bottom. C needs to taper the curve into the horizontals more smoothly with regard to weight. The same thing is not quite as noticeable in D but it would help. G you may need to rethink entirely.

The stacked LL needs more space in it. CC is a good guide for the amount of space.

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Thank you for your comments. I appreciate this very much.

I did some refinements, optical corrections, redraw some characters from scratch and added some numerals. Next step would be adding more ligatures and special characters.

I'm really looking forward to hear what you think.

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When I read your text I'm a bit distracted by your R, it seems to come from another typeface. For example, compared to the R, the B seems a bit simple, or the R too decorative.

I like some words (Fireworks could make a great logo), but it maybe needs more research in the overall.

I hope you'll not find my opinon to hard, and this is just my opinion.

Best regards.

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Thank you Bernard,

funny thing is, that it all started with the R. Although I have to admit this is the character that is a bit off the grid. I already re-arranged the R to fit it into the grid but it looked awful. Just like it would hinder the concept instead of supporting it. So I left it that way. It's still the character I don't know what will happen to it.

After your post I think it's a good point to rethink the B and offer a second character just like with A, V, W or M for example.

And your totally right, I also think that it's possible to do some great logo-type with this font. 'VIKTOR & ROLF' or 'COSMOPOLITAN' are already some examples I like.

Thank you for your thoughts

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I'm happy if this can help!

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Here's a new version.

– 3 new 'R's
– 1 new 'B'
– 1 new 'P'
– unicase letters for 'a', 'n', 'e', 'm' added
– numerals completed

What do you think is th best 'R'? And overall do you think to go on with this or is it just a waste of time?

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Quite swanky! Its quite a tough choice with the R's. I think the R you began with has a better style, but the R that is in Palermo at the bottom pic reads better. The R in RocknRolla is very easily read, but stylistically isn't as good as the other two R's I mentioned in my opinion. Not a big fan of the R in Birdie.

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Thank you all for the comments. Really appreciated very much.

So now here's everything I've done so far.

This is still in the Illustrator-not-FontLab status, so please do not mind the bad metrics. Please let me know what you think. This helps me a lot.

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Hi, here is what I have in mind when I look at your first R, it's just a quick drawing but I think it can show you another direction :


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Hi Bernard, thank you very much for your sketch. I will give it a try although your 'A' won't be possible because all the horizontals are thin. The 'B' could be possible. After your hint to equalize 'B' and 'R' I thought I had a good result withe the last draft or do you think to go back to the first 'R'???

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Recently I thought its not swanky (thank you A-Type) enough so I made the contrast even stronger. I'm curious what you think.

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Finally I found a name which supports the feel of the font quite good imo. I'm curious what you think.

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The name might be too close to Mark Simonson's Coquette. Very different font though.

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Oh damn. Thank you Nina. That's really close. I'll rethink it.

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After a bit of research I have a new name which represents the feel equally good imo. I have my fingers crossed that this one doesn't collide with something existing.

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I dont care what they say im willing to pay for this! please contact me!



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Looks great, keep up going. My only nit would be that the 'uppercase M' looks weak, my eye keeps confusing it with an N.

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Is it just me, or is the thinning of the /C and /G somewhat uneven? It looks to me like the stroke gets slightly thicker before it thins.

Very nice and original, though! :)

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