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(x) Chinese font dilemma / Equivalent to modern sans-serif - Heiti {Ken Lunde}


I am researching a chinese font ( i am not chinese ) that has a modern taste comparable to our "design standard" helvetica.
Any suggestions?


Chinese typefaces' classification is obviously very different from that of latin/western scripts. That said, you could look for a "gothic" style (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_Asian_sans-serif_typeface).
Please note also the difference between traditional and simplified Chinese.

In the context of Chinese, the typeface style that you're looking for is called Heiti (黑体 hēitǐ) or simply Hei.

In Japanese, it is called Gothic (ゴシック体 goshikkutai), and in Korean, it is called Dotum (돋움 dotum), though before the mid-1990s it was called Gothic (고딕체/고딕體 godikche) like Japanese.

In terms of font suggestions, consider Adobe Heiti Std Regular, which is bundled with a wide range of Adobe applications, including Adobe Reader. Contact me offline for details.