(x) Need help to identify this Script - Angelina {Akira}


I would like to identify this beautiful Script.
Anyone knows the name/foundry ?

Thank you


Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be anything I have cataloged in my Script Guide, and it was not from any of the sources I would usually look at for similar styles. The most similar font I found was Argenta from Sudtipos.

This is a hand-printed script style, and though it does look like it was done by someone with lettering skill, there are too many possible sources for me to locate it.

- Mike Yanega

Hi bowfinpw.

Thank you for your reply.

It is not the first time I see this font used on ads, or (in this case) published online on my country.
I'm sure it is a commercial font.
I wonder what font it is.
I'm almost sure I have seen it somewere in a foundry website...

It’s Angelina.

Thank you akira1975 !!!

After all, it's a free font :)

Reading the comments on that font I found out the designer is someone named Anja Denali. Normally, when I don't see a designer credited at Dafont, I become suspicious about the font origin. However, this seems to be legitimate, and very nicely done at that.

- Mike Yanega