(x) Help identifying a couple of fonts - Splendid Script, ParmaPetit {self (Justin), Akira}

Hey all, I'm designing a website for a couple getting married and they want it to match their invitation - any ideas what these are?



The serif sample is too small, and has too few key letters for me to use my Serif Guide effectively. Can you provide a larger sample and/or more letters? The twelve letters I need most are a,b,e,g,y and E,J,K,M,R,U,W.

The script should be in Part 1 of my Script Font ID Guide.

- Mike Yanega

Awesome script resource Mike. Here is another couple of examples, although it appears the script is Splendid Ornamenty.. still not sure about the first one though.

Yes, the script font is Splendid Script from Storm Type. And the serif font is ParmaPetit.

Yes, good Akira. Those other letters would have reminded me of Parma Petit. I knew there was something familiar about the f, and that was one of the early fonts I bought back in the 90's before Manfred made his fonts free.

- Mike Yanega

Awesome. Thanks to you both.