Puchasing Fonts: Legalities, etc.

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Puchasing Fonts: Legalities, etc.


I have a question about owning font licenses. If an organization wants me as freelance a designer to use a font that is not a free font or a system font, do they need to purchase one license or two (two being one for them, one for me)?

And if I own a font, does the organization still need to purchase it in order for them to use my design?


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It depends on the number of machines that you install it on, usually. MyFonts.com lets you select the number and the price varies accordingly. For example, I recently had to license Myriad Pro and by fiddling with the number of licences required I discovered that the fees go up after five licences, so I got five for the same price I would have paid for one.
In answer to your question, it depends if the organisation is going to install it in their office, and if so, how many times.
This answers your second question too. You can license a font and use it in design work for your client without them needing to install it on their machines.