(x) Scandia? anybody have any ideas what this little beauty is? - Fedra Sans Display Black {Hanno}

Hello I just found this!
Can any one tell me what it is and think of similar faces?
Does this feel right?

Mr B


There are probably a number of humanist sans faces with Black or Ultra weights. It's rather hard to see the details of this sample, but http://Freight Sans Black looks pretty close.

- Mike Yanega

Another similar font (at least for these letters) is http://Agenda Black from Font Bureau.

- Mike Yanega

Cheers Bow, sorry about the lack of detail
but the numbers on the side are a help?

Not 100% on freight it needs to be a bit heavier, don't you think?

Mr B

Another is http://Alrights Sans Ultra.

I think that's a good start, but you can find more by searching on 'humanist sans-serif' and looking for families with a large number of weights.

- Mike Yanega

You know, I did not assume that the numbers were the same font. I have only been looking for the Skandia letters. They may be the same font, but if you want the numbers, that's what you should ask for.

- Mike Yanega

Agenda is getting there, cheers.
But the bottom of the lowercase 'a' is not quite right
and the numbers...

Cheers for your help though

Mr B

You could have a point the numbers.
I did not mean to offend

No offense taken. I only mean that it helps us to know what you are trying to match. In this case it's quite possible the numbers are a different font.

- Mike Yanega

Looking for the numbers, I think http://Baltar numerals could be fixed easily to look like these. Just fill in the 4 and cut a vertical opening in it.

- Mike Yanega

I'm VERY sure this is Fedra Sans Display Black (with ia-ligature) and Fedra Sans Display Condensed Black for the numbers...

- Hanno

I'd say Hanno's got it.

- Mike Y.

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