(x) Brazil vs Ireland (one so easy , it's driving me insane) - FF Meta {Florian}

Can anyone please end this madness and identify the font used in the words Brazil and Ireland?

It looks so simple , and I should know this already , but I'm literally drawing a blank over here.

Thanks in advance.


My guess is Frutiger Condensed.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks Mike.

We have an older Font Folio disc here at the shop and I even thought that might have been the right font at one point. What kept throwing me off though was the letter 'E' and the center bar.

Do you think someone probably tweaked the letter a bit?

That's possible. It's also possible that it isn't Frutiger, because the truth is that these letters aren't the best for ID purposes. I based my guess mostly on the R shape. In fact, if the "Tuesday 2nd March 2010" is the same family, then it sure isn't Frutiger. The M and 1 are wrong for starters.

One question is how close does it have to be? Few people would notice the shorter middle arm of the E if everything else was pretty close. I try to be pragmatic about these things.

- Mike Yanega

Well see that's the thing , it doesn't have to be "letter accurate" at all on this one. I appreciate it though , and thank you indeed.

I looked for a sans family that had all the attributes (almost), and the only one I found with the R, 1 and M was Linotype's Agilita, but in spite of those features being close, the overall letterforms (D, for example) are not quite right.

If you have Frutiger, I'd sure think you could go with that, if letter perfect isn't needed.

- Mike Yanega

... and then there's Florian's idea (D'oh!). Good choice.

- Mike Y.

The last line in the lighter weight was the giveaway, esp. the ‘a’ and the figures.

That's awesome , and thank you both for sure! Cheers.