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(x) need help identifying the typeface from this 70's record cover. anyone? - ITC Ronda {Michael McN}


I'm trying to determine which typeface is used on the attached image.
Would anyone know?
Thanks in advance!



I know this one because I have some Atari games that use the same font. That would be ITC Ronda.

Although I'm not sure yet how to do the formatting to give you a link.

I don't know where (or if) there is a FAQ for posted text formatting & linking, but the way I show links is (double opening bracket)url of link|name of font(double closing bracket). You can also use html commands if you know them, but they are a bit more work.

You can look at the Source for any thread page to see how various formatting is done.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks so much @McNicols_Pro! You're right on.
I really appreciate it.

It is explained just underneath the comment box.