(x) Encore Sans: Alternatives

Hi all,

I've recently been really enchanted with Parachute's Encore Sans and I'd like to use it in a project I'm working on. However, that project really requires a family with more range in widths. Does anyone have any good alternate suggestions to Encore Sans that might have a wider range? Thanks for all your thoughts!


What about Flama?

Beautiful face; a bit more to the "DIN" side of things than I wanted to go...I was hoping to air more on the "Helvetica" side of the scale. I know that sounds obscure, but I hope it makes sense!

On the gritty grotesque side, try Knockout or Bureau Grot. For something a bit more refined, consider Benton Sans.

More range in widths? You need more than 10?

*Edit: oops. Read widths, thought weights. Now I understand you mean compressed, expanded, &c

Benton Sans had also crossed my mind. Thanks auricfuzz! All solid suggestions!

My pleasure. Benton Sans' 128 (!) styles would certainly keep you covered in any conceivable situation :-)