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Here is my first attempt at making a font :

I would be happy to get any comments from all of you, because I didn't had much feedback from typographers.

Anyway, when I made it, I didn't tought it would be accepted on MyFonts, so when I saw people was buying it, I started to think about a full charachter set and redesigning all glyphs to make them work better each others. I'm also working on the kerning, hinting and all things that needs to be done to make it more 'professionnal'.

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Edit :

Sorry for bumping guys, but I think my post should be in this place rather than in Release, as it's still a work in progress, and I'd be very glad to get any comment.

I'm not here to tell you "Yo Dude, buy my font!".

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Not sure why nobody else is saying anything – just wanted to peek in and say I really like this. I agree it might benefit from a little more polish here and there, but it's a very cool idea for a font, and seems quite nicely executed too.
(BTW, Motion/Experimental? I'd have put it in the «Display» category.)

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Thank you very much for your comment. I'm always wondering if that idea is a good one.

Do you think making a complete "basic latin" set would be useful for this kind of font ?
As it can't be used for something else than headlines, I'm wondering if spending my time making it is a good thing or if It'd better for me to get a beer and start watching TV ?

For the forum, I'm a bit confused. As nobody was saying anything when I posted it in the Release section, I've reposted it in Critique/Display, then I saw "Experimental", so I thought it'd be better here. But I can move it back to Display if it's more appropriated.

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Well I think drawing fonts is always better than watching TV, but I might not be the best person to ask that question. ;-)
Seriously though – I didn't previously realize you don't have Basic Latin. My first language is German, and without Ä, Ö and Ü I can't even set all headlines that I might need to. :-\ So yes, I think making basic diacritics for this font should be a good idea – and a cool little challenge, actually. I could imagine you can come up with some pretty cool solutions.

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Yeah, as I'm being French, I also need more glyphs, but I'm also lazy, so I was wondering if it was really important to make the complete character set.

And as you said, it's a cool […] challenge to make them all, I already have designed most of them (and redesigned the others).

Here is an image of where I am now, feel free to give any impressions on it :

I am also thinking about some variations, feel free to tell if selling such variations would be cool & useful or just "eh, maybe I can steal more money from people's pockets".

PS : The message above is just gratuitous

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I like this too.

I would try for guillemets that didn't look overlapping.

On the variations, did you try filled-in with the drop-shapes white?

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Elegant and legible, especially for something like this. One thing that bothered me about the original was the counter of the Q, so I'm glad to see you've already changed it for the better. Numerals, currency, braces are great.

Asterisk and daggers lack twist. I would have expected them to be all outward loops.
Exclamation could be wider.
Bottom half of Yen symbol should probably be a vertical rectangle.
Ampersand seems rigid. I'd try trading the two little loops in the upper right for one big diagonal loop.
For @, I recommend starting over and not basing it on the A. I can see a big spiral with the inner end connected to the outer end.

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Thank you both for you constructive comments, it's very helpful, and I agree with your ideas.
On some points I'm just thinking "How the **** can I make it right ?" But isn't it the game?

@eliason I tried such variation, but I wasn't very good-looking to my eyes, so I left it.
I can make it again and show you when I'll publish an updated version.

@ Yeah, the @ has been throwed up like this, so I agree that I surely needs a deeper reflexion.

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Very cool!

Kinda related:


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This is a really innovative take on a display font. I like it lots. Not only is it very different but it's also legible. Complete it and put it out there. I'm sure it will get used. Very nice indeed.

About your variations: I think the only one that's actually working is the middle one. Filled shapes with negative outlines. But you may as well forget about the other two. If anyone wanted to get the effect of the first variation, they can do it with the original outlined font, and the last one doesn't look good and has some legibility problems.

About some shapes:

/H/ is not good. It doesn't resemble H. When I see it in alphabet I know it's an H, but if I'd see in in text I'd have problem recognising it. All the others are.

/!/ exclamation mark should be heavier. Considerably.

/%/ should be changed. I suppose it wouldn't be bad to try to overlap circled with the straight

/@/ although similar to how reg.trademark and copyright are done I suppose it's not a good solution. Although it makes me think who would want to write their email address using this display font (stupid of me... who would want to use Comic Sans in formal papers either?! We can see that many = this means you have to make @ recognisable).

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I think the totally filled one isn't so bad either, especially when you consider layering it with the first (think colors). The first variation is good for making people think they're drunk!


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