(x) Please put me out of my misery / Wide grotesque for 'Sigerson Morrison' - Sackers Gothic {Florian}

Please could somebody help me identify this annoyingly familiar font!

Thank you


Sample. please?

hmmm... I don't see the image...

How to post a sample or image

Apologies about that.
If this doesn't work here is the URL:

I can't see much detail but it could be one of the Copperplates?


The "M" is wrong but it is close.

You're right it isn't exact but it is pretty close - thank you very much.

You are welcome, Sue.

that the lowercase of BT Engravers Gothic

Nah, almost! :D It is Sackers Gothic (compare the S), and it has been solved before by Bart.

That Florian wins again :-)

Huh, I suspected Sackers too – but what's up with that "M"?
The vertex in the one in Sackers doesn't reach the baseline.

Well, it might have been adjusted for the logo. Here’s what you get when zooming into the sigersonmorrison.com Flash website:

OK, now I feel stupid. How did you get it to zoom in? :-}

I opened one of the SWFs in Flash Player.