(x) Syfy Website typeface - Syfy Sans (custom, based on Crank 8) - Stephen L

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I'd assume this is made especially for Syfy, but it doesn't hurt to ask the masters.

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Hi Ivan,

You'd be right. That's Syfy Sans, a reworked version of Crank 8. See here: http://typophile.com/node/63741

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By the way, I know Typophile search isn't working, but you can search for previous IDs from Google by entering, for example, "site:typophile.com syfy". That's how I found the above link. Friendly tip. :)

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Amazing. I would have just taken a look at that, and assumed it was, say, Neo Sans:


or DIN Schriften


and not given it a second thought.

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Stephen, thank you very much. I've searched "syfy" on typophile forums, but I was naive and ignorant enough not to know that Typophile search is not working. I will do in the future.

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No worries. I'm sure it'll be back working soon, but in the meantime that Google trick is a nice little work-around.

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