Any Serious Alternative to FF Kievit?

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Does anybody know a serious alternative to the typeface FF Kievit? A double storey g is at least desired.


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Flex comes to mind. It’s from Paul van der Laan who helped with Kievit. Can you talk about the reasons why FF Kievit won't work for you?

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Hubert Jocham’s Safran is another, slightly more broad-pen-flavoured option. The family spans 9 weights, and also the italics have a double-storey ‘g’. There’s a Pro version with small caps and extended language support.
But Stephen’s right: without knowing why FF Kievit is out of the question, it’s impossible to come up with suitable alternatives for you.

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Thank you, Stephen. Thank you, Florian.

I don’t really know wether or not Kievit will work. I guess it will. I’m looking for a sans serif (with no or at least modest modulation) that is neutral and clear. It has to serve two purposes: (a and most of all) to work well as a headline typeface together with FF Scala (, Minion and Albertina) as body text typeface; (b) to work as a body text typeface as well (good legibility).

I’m just a non-professional, and I’m just interested in typography for my own purposes (typesetting scientific texts). Hence, I like to be sure, that I’ve chosen the ›right‹ font, before I purchase a license.

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You do know that FF Scala is a superfamily that includes a perfectly matching Scala Sans?

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Yes, I know. But Scala Sans—a wonderful typeface—reveals in my opinion too much character in taller sizes, at least for my purposes.

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