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Fonts for Theatre Books

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Fonts for Theatre Books

I'm trying to find three arabic fonts in order to print theatre book in arabic language. I'm looking for three elegant and easily legible fonts. One of the fonts is for the main text, another for the headings, titles..., ando another one to substitute italics. I think the Arabic language doesn't use italics and we need this kind of font in order to write stage directions. We need a type of font which clearly differentiate the main text from the stage directions, but which also complement each other in style.
We will also use latin words in some cases, so we need to find three arabic fonts and three fonts, if the arabic fonts don't already have latin characters, which match each one of the arabic font.
Usually, in latin languages, in stage directions, we use capital letters in characters names. Should we use another arabic font in that case?
Thank you for your help.