Roger Excoffon: documents needed for an upcoming book

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Hello everyone,

I am currently writing a major book about the life and work of Roger Excoffon, that will be published by Atelier Perrousseaux in french and english at the spring 2011. It will feature a never-published before interview of Excoffon, participations by designers and friends such as Jose Mendoza y Almeida, an introduction by Massin, and a lot of high quality visuals. I have acquired an important iconography, but I am still missing some items, so I need your help.

If you have ANY documents regarding Roger Excoffon (type specimen, metal fonts, drawings, letters, photographs...), I would be glad to hear about it; any photograph or scan provided would of course be aknowledged, and a copy of the book would be on your way as soon as it's released.

Many thanks in advance,
David Rault

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Oh boy, I didnt realize that this book was this much useful, it looks like nobody has anything about this great man.

well thanks anyway,

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I'm a bit surprised at the non-response as well - maybe we (as a Typophile community) don't have any material in regards to Excoffon? At any rate, good luck with the book.

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hey - thank you. I'll keep the community posted.

I'll try the ATypI group mail as well, who knows...


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I for one am VERY excited for this long-needed book. I hope it it 3 inches thick and FULL of texts AND illustrations.

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Gerard Unger is very enthusiastic about Excoffon's work. Perhaps he might have something. Gerard gives a lecture at Reading on mid-century French type that could convert the most stubborn of modernist.

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Yes, I would contact Gerard, and also Jean François Porchez.

Are you familiar with the Rencontres de Lure gatherings in the foothills of the French Alps, which have been a cornerstone of French typographic culture since 1951? Excoffon used to attend, as did many people who knew and worked with him. Of course, most if not all of that generation is now gone, but there may still be people involved who met him.

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I'd try to get in contact with Sébastian Morlighem.
He gave a very interesting lecture at ATypI in Mexico last year.

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Miss Tiffany: it will be big, thick, printed on a white matte paper, full of never-seen before texts and great illustrations - but unfortunately, it's very, very hard to locate good documents, for most of them basically disappeared. I am working as hard as possible to retrieve everything I can. I will contact Gerard Unger; in order to save time, would you by any chance have an email where I could reach him?

John: I did contact Jean-Francois, he will actually participate to the book as well. I am very familiar with the Rencontres de Lure, I was actually in Lurs a few month ago, at Francois Richaudeau's house, overlooking the very house of Roger Excoffon. As you said, most of them are now gone, and I contacted the few remaining ones without much success, apart from Yves Perrousseaux and Jose Mendoza y Almeida.

Wolfgang: I did send an email to Sebastien Morlighem, and am now waiting for an answer.

Thanks to everyone,

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Did you see the stamp he designed for the Olympics in 1968?

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