Best Free Fonts

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What are your favorite free fonts?

For, me, I know I'm goin with a popular choice, but Aller, is nice:

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My favorite is always going to be Delicious. Thanks for creating such a versatile typeface, Jos.

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Museo and the others from Exljbris
Some of the ones from the League of Moveable Type

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The fonts from Exlijbris are surprisingly good. this thread has been worth it just for that. I guess thats my way of saying bump

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I like the free weights (all the weights) of Galette
This looks good on webpages, distinctive yet very legible.

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Thanks Christopher, Riccardo & A-type!

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Let's include Gentium, and other productions by SIL and Victor Gaultney.

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These are display faces but all of the free fonts on
are extremely well designed. Some cool tutorials too.

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Jos, you deserve it man, as a poor recent grad its good to have somewhere to turn to get professional looking fonts. Also, I have to admit, that I've been on a downloading binge and I've downloaded pretty much every font mentioned here as well as the ones on the websites mentioned.

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recently I have been digging on some block serifs. Museo is one of my favs you can find a link to it here:

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Try 'fontspring' for some great new free fonts.

Also, 'FontSquirrel'.

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